About redsnap

redsnap is a remote encrypting deduplicating filesystem snapshot utility

redsnap supports multiple backends to store and access the backup data in its repository. These are currently: rsync, sftp, local.

It uses the GNU Privacy Guard for encryption and compression of all data. File contents and meta data (path, owner, modification time, ...) are stored separately. Thus only a minimum of information is leaked to the backend (upload time, approximate file count and size).

Large files are split up and each file (part) is stored only once in the repository - even across multiple snapshots. redsnap takes care of hardlinks and restores them within a snapshot.



# pip install

redsnap 0.34 (6 February 2017)

Download: redsnap-0.34.tar.gz

redsnap 0.33 (6 January 2017)

Download: redsnap-0.33.tar.gz